Each of my paintings is a landscape of landscapes.  Using multiple views on a single surface, sometimes separated, often
rotated in relation to each other, or maybe pushed together, I look for ways these views can intersect and interact.  Scenes
of roads and trees are used as props while I concentrate on unifying a space of spaces and focus on what happens where
discordant perspectives come together.  I see a hybrid world emerge with sometimes something poetical thrown in.

Consciously or not, our concepts of a landscape go far beyond scenes of mountain vistas or cows by a tree-lined stream.
A wider definition includes CT scans, retail planograms, and gas formations in Webb telescope photos.  A still wider definition
comes from physics where conceptual landscapes include space itself as expanding, bending, and sometimes curling into other
dimensions.  In my case, I draw loosely from these concepts of the flexibility of space and restructure landscape dimensions as
if they did not play by standard perspective rules or viewpoints.