Rhode Island School of Design, Master of Fine Arts, 1996, Ceramics/Sculpture,
     Award of Excellence 1995 and 1996
Indiana University at Fort Wayne, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1994, Ceramics and Drawing
Purdue University at Fort Wayne, Bachelor of Arts, 1981, Psychology


Besides maintaining a studio and actively working as an artist since my late teens, I have had two other primary careers. My first
profession until 1993, was as a cartographer or map maker for the engineering department of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Aerial photographs, blueprints, and surveys were a part of every workday. From 1996 to 2015, I was co-owner of a gift shop called
BitterSweet GIFTS in Fort Wayne with my husband Don Jennings. Unlike many artists, I decided early in life that I did not want to
teach art as a career; however, I did briefly teach ceramic and drawing classes at a local university.

Other Interest:

In 2007, Don Jennings and I co-authored a book on collectable glass titled Slag & Marble Glass, The Prominent Years, 1959-1985 (Schiffer Publishing).